The PSOJ COVID-19 Response Fund Continues Receiving Donations and Volunteer Help

COVID-19 is not over. The pandemic has left many Jamaicans in vulnerable positions. The PSOJ COVID-19 Response Fund has been battling to defeat the effects that COVID-19 has left. Many of our citizens are without proper sanitation and food. 

The Fund has raised $196 million JMD through 1,035 local and international donations. These donations have given us the opportunity to provide 64,000 beneficiaries with food and sanitation products. With the continued assistance of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the team has been able to distribute packages throughout the island, while facilitating the improvement of the relationship between the JCF and the members of these communities.

In addition, our 1,195 volunteers have contributed 28,500 volunteer hours in order to provide 64,000 packages across Jamaica. Our volunteers have played a crucial role in aiding the response fund. Moreover, our stakeholders, Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS), United Way of Jamaica (UWJ), American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ) have continued to play their role to #StandForJamaica. The collaboration and efforts made by all parties involved, our generous donors, volunteers, the Jamaica Constabulary Force and our stakeholders have not gone unnoticed. It has made an immensely positive impact on so many lives throughout our beautiful island.  

Not only have we aided 49 vulnerable communities, but over 32 NGO’s have been supported through the fund. They have been able to complete 587 health checks and have had 25,500 masks distributed. We have also partnered with the Breds Foundation to provide skin sanitizers which are crucial to minimizing community spread. 

As part of our efforts, we have been doing a virtual run. The United Way 5k Virtual Run. The United Way of Jamaica, alongside the PSOJ has created a virtual run which is a walk, run or ride of a predetermined distance that participants can complete on any day and time within a specific period that best suits their schedule. So far, we have had commitments from 1 individual from the PSOJ, 100 commitments from Sherwin Williams, 100 commitments from Sagicor, 50 commitments from Citibank, 50 commitments from JN Bank and 2 individuals committing from JN Bank as well as 2 individuals committing from the AFJ.

We appreciate all of the effort and support. We will continue the work. The battle is not over! 

Please spread the word and share the campaign to all those who might be interested in supporting. Every mickle mek a muckle.

Everyone can donate at https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/standforjamaica.  

#TogetherWeWill #StandForJamaica. Regular updates on the campaign results will be given weekly on standforjamaica.com, on our local CVM Television channel at 8:45 pm EST, and on social media @thepsoj. Thank you for your support!

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In partnership with the Council of Voluntary Social Services, United Way of Jamaica, and other stakeholders, your donations can help us to provide one package containing: canned food, fresh produce,  face masks, and sanitation supplies to provide for one Jamaican for a two week period.

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